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At the airport… On our way to meet the boys

Finally arrived in L.A… Late-night dinner… How do you like the first new track?

Morning workout… Done!

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get our first song from our new album on iTunes today! RUN RUN RUN! how do you guys like it? 

RUN RUN RUN - check out our new video on

no sleep! on the way to the set of our #thirdvideoshoot #nosleep #waytooearly #kingsofsuburbia

Tokio Hotel New Video “Run, Run, Run”

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The premiere of ‘Run, Run, Run’ coming up shortly. When exactly?! Check the countdown on! 

Flying to LA, shooting a video + first interviews! Georg & Gustav

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what’s missing?

NEW Tokio Hotel’s Song Preview

Tokio Hotel TV 2014 [EP 05] ‘The Main Reason Why We Came To LA’ 

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From this week on, a new track from ‘Kings of Suburbia’ will be released each Friday exclusively on iTunes. If you pre-order the album there you’ll also get instant access to the track on those days…no extra charges.

What’s your favorite scene of TH TV’s new season so far? Leave a comment.

TOKIO HOTEL VIDEO! Simplicity. We’ll premiere the full version of this first video from ‘Kings of Suburbia” on Sept. 12th, 5pm CET.

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SOLD OUT! #kingsofsuburbia super deluxe album is already sold out! thank you guys so much! we’re overwhelmed. can’t wait for you guys to hear the first song! we’re working on a solution with the record company to make a second edition available ASAP!!! 

Kings Of Suburbia

Spotify Official!

New Official Tokio Hotel place! 

User: tokiohotel_official 

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- Bill, Tom & Georg


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